Friday, October 7, 2011

No news

This week I finally got what I have been news.

I had a 32 week ultrasound on 10/4 with a different OB (thank god).  She was so calm and professional explaining what she had found.  The LLD is still there but the ratio is still the same.  His right leg is 5cm long (50% for growth that matches the rest of his body) and his left tibia and fibula are 4cm (5% for growth.)  The percentiles are kinda scary. But the good news is that his leg did grow and the LLD did not get more significant over the past 4 weeks!  She is also very skeptical over the "6th toe" the previous OB pointed out.  It isn't a polydactyly toe.  She thinks it is either a shiny spot on the ultrasound or possibly some calcification on the side of the foot (maybe an extra bone).  Then OB finally noted that "I am not an orthopedist and cannot tell you what treatment would be like.  All I can do is mark his growth."  She did praised the orthopedist I am seeing on the 18th and said she took her daughter to him when she was having a spinal problem.  I'm still not convinced he can properly treat clubfoot with an LLD but at least I'm not completely wasting my time. So I'm marking this week with a little sigh of relief.  At least I don't have something new to stress about.

I've attached some pictures of the last ultrasound.  The foot/leg pictures are of his clubfoot side.  See what you think of the "6th toe"; its the shiny line on the outside of the foot.  Then of course I had to add a profile of my rad little dude.

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