Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doc visit #1

For the first time during the journey I feel like I have made a mistake.  On thursday Cameron and I went to see Dr. Shoemaker to get his evaluation of Nolan's leg.  He confirmed what Dr. Zionts told me a few weeks ago.  He has a bowed tibia.  Even though I felt extremely uncomfortable with Dr. Shoemaker treating a clubfoot case; I felt very at ease with him examining Nolan and going over what general treatment would be.  I really regret changing my insurance now.  He would have been a fabulous doctor.  Now I am having second thoughts about seeing Dr. Zionts.  He has been AMAZING to my husband and I throughout this whole mess but I no longer feel it is necessary to drive 6 hours round trip.  Clubfoot treatment is such a precise art and I was willing to travel to find the right doctor.  Now that his prognosis is not as delicate,  I want to explore what our options are here in San Diego.  At least I took the time to research every pediatric orthopedist in the Southern California area before Nolan was born.  Finding a pediatrician seems daunting enough now!  The standout option is Dr. Pring at Rady's.  She specializes in limb lengthening, shortening, and straightening.  I think the plan as of now is to make an appointment with Dr. Zionts and with Dr. Pring and make our decision after we have seen both doctors.  I feel bad changing doctors after everything Dr. Zionts and his team has done for us but I need to think of what is best for my own sanity.  Dealing with a newborn is hard enough right now.  I don't need to make my life harder if there is a doctor here in San Diego who can treat my son.  

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