Friday, March 8, 2013

4 wks post surgery

We got the big red cast taken off and a big green one put on in celebration of St. Patricks day! Nolan's bone is healing well, but it is curving just a bit. Dr. Shoemaker molded his leg in the cast a bit today to correct it. We go back in 4 wks and HOPEFULLY this is our last one. He is in a long leg again but he made the bottom flat so he can try to stand on it.

He was such a trooper! Just some fussing but no tears the whole time. He had to get the red cast sawed off, X-rays with no cast on to support his leg, pins pulled out, antiseptic rubbed over his pin sites (one was a little infected), glue removed off his suture sites, leg molded in a straight position, and a new cast put on. He really does inspire me every morning to put on my big girl panties and deal. I love this kid so much.

As for the comments that bombard me everywhere I's not getting any better. I'm so sick of "poor baby" and "it's ok, mom's drop their babies all the time." I've started telling people it's a skydiving injury or he was running with the bulls. If people keep pressing I honestly try to make them feel as guilty as possible for not minding their own business. I know it's horrible. I usually tell them all the gross details of the surgery to correct his BIRTH DEFECT! Of course then I get the...well did you do something wrong? I honestly can't win. Good news is that we only have 4 more weeks left of the cast and hopefully we are done with inappropriate comments coming at me from every angle.

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