Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to relax

I am now officially on maternity leave!!!! It was very bittersweet leaving work but I am so happy to be able to rest and relax.  Of course now that work is done that means the doctor appointments have hit an all time high.  I had a mid-wife appointment yesterday and she wanted to do an ultrasound when I was there.  I was very reluctant since I have yet to have a good experience with the whole process.  This time was very refreshing though!  All she wanted to do was check his position.  She looked at his head, heart rate, and then lingered a bit on his face to capture him sucking his thumb and swallowing some amniotic fluid.  It was so nice to see him as a "normal" baby for once.  She stayed far away from his foot or leg and just gushed on how cute, strong, and healthy he looked.  What a relief to not hear the word "defect" or "wrong" during an appointment...I'll leave those words for my hospital high resolution ultrasound on Tuesday.

Another bonus about the ultrasound is that she confirmed I have lots of fluid and he has lots of room to grow still.  Most women wouldn't be thrilled on keeping a baby full or past term but the kid and I have been having daily pep talks on how he needs to stay in.  I have an entire timeline set up with my insurance options that revolve around him being on time or even better, a little late.  Let's just hope he doesn't get rebellious!  

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