Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Waiting Game

Only 2 weeks left before my due date!!!!  At least he has cooperated so far staying in.  I feel like each day is an accomplishment.

I had my last detailed ultrasound scan on 11/8.  I have yet to have an ultrasound that I am not terrified about.  The tech spent at least 20 minutes looking at his heart.  I thought we were concerned about his leg?!?!?!  Every time they spend a little longer on one area than another my husband and I start to sweat.  The OB assured us that it is just protocol they do a detailed scan of the heart whenever there is a birth defect.  Once they finally got to his leg they were able to measure that his LLD remains consistent at about 1 cm.  I'm not a doctor but if he had damage to a growth plate you would think that the LLD would continue to get greater each scan.  I'm not complaining.  I'm ecstatic that the LLD is not getting worse, but I'm so confused on what is causing it and what it means.  The kaiser orthopedist refuses to talk about LLD issues with me until he is born and I can't see the orthopedist I am planning on getting treatment from until Jan 1st due to insurance.  Yet again...I am just playing the waiting game.

As for his treatment, we are waiting for answers as well.  I sent an email to the orthopedic hospital in LA a little over a week ago.  I received an email back that day from director of operations and said she is looking into the answers for my questions.  She also told me I would get a call by the end of last week.  I know that I am just being anxious but I am dying to get his treatment set up and ready to go.  I have faith that everything will work out but having one last thing on my list would be nice.

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