Friday, April 27, 2012

Angry vibes

I hate kaiser.....

It really has been a love/hate relationship this whole time but I am fully aboard the hate train.  Nolan's 2 week mark in cast number 2 was on Monday....does he have a new cast? No.  Why?  Because there are no appointments.  This is completely inexcusable!!!!!  If the doctor is that packed, hire another one.  But no, Kaiser is cheap and they resort to just not providing care for their patients.  I've called 4 times in the past week.  I finally called this afternoon crying hysterically to finally get through to someone who could help.  I now have an appointment for Monday and a follow-up for Weds the 16th.  I also have 2 new numbers to call "in case this happens again."  That was reassuring last time this happened.  Now I just translate it as 2 more lines someone won't answer "when this does happen again."

Cameron has been interviewing with a new company and I don't care about the money, location, or even travel.  All I care about is the insurance.  If he finds out he gets the job it would be the biggest blessing to be able to find a doctor who actually has availability.

Well I guess the schedulers ears were burning when I was writing this because he just called me with 4 appointments.  I guess I need to send some angry vibes more often.

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  1. Hi Alanna,

    I just happened to stumble onto your blog and I'm happy I did. It's great to see all of the progress you and your family are making. I can so relate to the HATE for different things in the medical process. Continue to hang in there, from my view you're doing a great job.