Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Post-surgery post

My kid is a rockstar!

The surgery went well. He was under for 2 hours total. Kaiser was awesome and let me be in the operating room as he fell asleep. It was really hard seeing him so scared but at least he wasn't alone and scared. I did cry for a good half hour in the waiting room though.

Both his tibia and fibula are broke. Dr. Shoemaker opted for a dome osteotomy to correct the tibia with 2 pins going through the bone to hold it in place as it heals. The fibula is just broke and lined up together. The tibia will act as a splint to line up with. We spent one night in the hospital to monitor his swelling and we were home by 2pm the next day.

He is on 2 dosages of Tylenol with codeine at night and 1 does of children's Motrin during the day. He is happy in a carrier (we use our Tula buckle carrier and ocah custom mei tai.) and is fine sitting playing with his toys. He does get frustrated that he can't crawl sometimes. He is still napping the same and sleeping well at night in his crib (we just transitioned him to the crib a month before the surgery).

The big revelation I have taken away from all of this is the beauty of positivity. Nolan is this little beam of sunshine even with pins and a massive cast. It makes me have a quick attitude adjustment whenever I see his huge smile.

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